Corte Cavedini

Corte Cavedini, located in the Valpolicella hills in the Marcellise Valley, is a family winery managed by Umberto Cavedini and his wife Paola along with their son and daughter Marco and Elena Cavedini. 

The Family's passion for the vineyards and for winemaking, the respect for the nature and traditions are values that can be found in the quality of our wines. 

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Our Wines

The love and the passion for the viticolture are old values handed down throught generations in Corte Cavedini's Family. It's from this tradition that Umberto Cavedini decides, in the year 1996, to start a new chapter with his own winery. Corte Cavedini has allowed him to follow all the vinification process from the grapes to the wine by combining traditions as well as innovation while keeping the focus on improving the expression of the territory. 

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